Thank Yous

Our incredible thanks to all of the people, companies and services that make this podcast possible.

The Fans

While this all started with Andy and Jessica simply wanting to geek out on some classic sci-fi, we've been overwhelmed by the support from Trekkies, mild Star Trek watchers and new fans alike. Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy listening to the moments as much as we have making them.

Tech Gratefulness

S3 Stats

If you've never tried to get stats on podcast, you have missed out on days and days of frustrated research. iTunes is completely neglectful and other services only count their own podcast streaming channel. It's a big challenge when you want to keep track of where you're at with downloads. Thank god S3 stats exists and we found them. If you use S3 to host files, they are the way to go to save yourself some serious time figuring out analytics. They've made it so easy with step by step instructions for setup, and the free trial is well worth checking out.

WordPress in General

Since more than a quarter of the internet runs on wordpress, it's easy to forget how open they make everything. To the community that keeps building wordpress and open source in general, thank you. We here at BTT are forever grateful.

Site Origin in Specific

Site Origin gives away some great wordpress themes for simple sites. Also, the page builder is incredibly handy. My thanks to their developers for allowing me to use their hard work.


BTT is all about keeping costs down because we're not a big production. But if we sound like one sometimes it's due to a lot of hard work and freebies like sound editing such as Audacity.