Year of Hell

Episode 42 – Year of Hell (1&2)

In Andy's favorite Voyager episode, he and Jessica discuss:

  • Andy's favorite because he loves timey-wimey, but Janeway does not
  • This is an epic adventure where nothing happens
  • Character moments from Tuvok, 7 of 9 and crew
  • 47!
  • Paris being the voice of reason and Chakotay going off the rails
  • Annorax's problem is himself
  • The reset. *Sigh*
  • The series in their time
  • Going back to old-style sci-fi!

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 beat up Voyager ships
4 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

  • Dreadnaught (Season 2, episode 17) - we encounter a probe that B'Elanna programmed that made it's way into the Delta quadrant. She argues with herself as a weapon.
  • Day of honor (Season 4, episode 3) - B'Elanna is confronted with the Day of Honor and she is not interested in her Klingon heritage. Also, she's dating Tom Paris.
  • Extreme Risk (Season 5, episode 3) - Tom Paris builds the Delta Flyer in a space race while B'Elanna is hurting herself and dealing with depression.

Bride of Chaotica preview

Next Up: Bride of Chaotica

Jessica's Prediction

Tom Paris is going to be the monster's bride, sacrificed to a volcano. Harry Kim is going to have him from the bad volcano monster.

Episode 21 – Yesterday’s Enterprise

Yesterday's Enterprise

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Tasha Yar’s decision to die: meaningful or no?
  • Believing in Guinan
  • Confusion from the ships and new timeline
  • Real and actual relationships on the Enterprise
  • We dig Other Picard
  • Where is Worf?
  • Guinan and her brain
  • More Tasha Yar spoilers
  • All of the mind-bending time travel

Jessica’s Rating

4 of 5 Warrior Prune Juice Drinks

Andy’s Suggestions

Recommended for Time Travel Aficionados!
Cause and Effect: A temporal causality loop and half a dozen exploding Enterprises are fun enough, but a Cameo by Kelsey Grammar tops off a fun and exciting episode.
Tapestry: Q Provides Picard with a chance to go back and re-live a pivotal moment in his life, but he may not like the man he becomes.
And Time’s Arrow 1&2: Data’s head is found in a cave under San Fransisco, hidden for centuries and the crew travels back to try to avert his death. Plus, Guinean meets Picard for the first time.

Next Up: Sins of the Father

Jessica’s Prediction

Much like meeting Spock’s father, we’re going to see Worf confront his father in a traditional conflict and prove his loyalty to Starfleet.

City on the Edge of Forever

Episode 12 – City on the Edge of Forever

City on the Edge of Forever

Andy and Jessica talk:
  • McCoy’s gross “sick” makeup - Over the top OR way over the top?
  • Starting out with a full cast in the landing party and ending up with a Kirk/Spock episode.
  • George Takei’s documentary, To Be Takei, chronicling World War II Internment Camps.
  • Andy’s belief that an optimistic, Star Trek future is possible.
  • Kirk is a Man of Action, forced to take no action
  • The Guardian of Forever must have been the inspiration for Stargate.
  • Author and Science Fiction award-winning writer, Harlan Ellison.
  • Who wouldn’t fall in love with Edith Keeler?
  • The incomparable Joan Collins.
  • The World War II generation actually watched this episode live.
  • Jessica shares her observations about the history of WWII.
  • Edith kisses Kirk, not the other way around.
  • Couldn’t they just bring Edith back with them?  Nope.
  • Andy reveals his ACTUAL FAVORITE EPISODE!
  • It’s all about one moment, “Jim, Edith Keeler must die.”

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 Guardian of Forevers
4 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

Star Trek's got a lot of time travel, so if you enjoy looking at our history back in time, the suggestions are Tomorrow is Yesterday and Assignment Earth.

Space Seed Preview

Next Up: Space Seed

Jessica's Prediction

Since eugenics was mentioned, I think the Enterprise will have to deal with an alien device or virus that creates a super powerful or super fast human.