Episode 27 – Unification (Parts 1 & 2)

In our final exploration of TNG, Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The last of our TNG trek!
  • The virtual-ality and entertainment in Star Trek
  • All the characters feeling a bit off
  • Sarek and Picard moments
  • The plot just doesn't feel genuine
  • Spock's hope and grassroot movements and revolutions
  • That guy who is in everything
  • Practical effects vs. CG

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Romulan Shoulder Pads
3 out of 5 rating

Andy's Recommendation

Who doesn't love some good fan service? For episodes from TNG that include familiar TOS faces, check out:

  • Relics (season 6, episode 4) - Scotty makes an appearance
  • Encounter at Farpoint (season 1, episodes 1 & 2) - McCoy passes the torch to a new show
  • Star Trek: Generations (VII)

Next Up: Emissary

After a short recap for The Next Generation, we'll be going into Deep Space Nine. No prediction from Jessica for the new series, just sit back and enjoy some new faces.

Episode 14 – The Animated Series

The Animated Series

Let's talk Spoilers

Not much except the actual episodes. These two are short and sweet and easy to follow.

Let's Talk Episode

In this cartoon filled episode of Star Trek, Andy and Jessica go over both Yesteryear:

  • The time travel doesn't really make sense, but oh well
  • End of life discussions for both kids and adults
  • Spock's advice to his younger self, and what Andy and Jessica would tell themselves as kids
  • Spock's replacement (Thalen) - does he give up too easily?

and The Lorelei Signal:

  • The Enterprise is stupid and the men in this episode are stupid... in Jessica's opinion
  • Redskirts--Uhura's awesome but still has to wait for permission from the men in charge
  • Sexism and woman empowerment in Andy's life

Jessica's Rating


4 of 5 heroic sehlats

The Lorelei Signal

2 of 5 life-draining headbands

2 of 5 headband rating

Let's talk Trek

  • What people find offensive changes: LGBTQIA and how Star Trek misses the mark with Lorelei Signal
  • Today's disconnected society needs Star Trek

Andy’s Suggestions

All of the Animated Series! It's just easy. Sit down and binge to your heart's content.

Wrath of Khan preview

Next Up:

Bonus Episodes! We're going to be watching the Wrath of Khan. After that, another bonus movie, The Undiscovered Country.
Alright, this is just Andy's way of sneaking more Star Trek into the 52 without having to count it. If you'd like to skip, of course, you can to The Next Generation. But we highly recommend watching these movies!

City on the Edge of Forever

Episode 12 – City on the Edge of Forever

City on the Edge of Forever

Andy and Jessica talk:
  • McCoy’s gross “sick” makeup - Over the top OR way over the top?
  • Starting out with a full cast in the landing party and ending up with a Kirk/Spock episode.
  • George Takei’s documentary, To Be Takei, chronicling World War II Internment Camps.
  • Andy’s belief that an optimistic, Star Trek future is possible.
  • Kirk is a Man of Action, forced to take no action
  • The Guardian of Forever must have been the inspiration for Stargate.
  • Author and Science Fiction award-winning writer, Harlan Ellison.
  • Who wouldn’t fall in love with Edith Keeler?
  • The incomparable Joan Collins.
  • The World War II generation actually watched this episode live.
  • Jessica shares her observations about the history of WWII.
  • Edith kisses Kirk, not the other way around.
  • Couldn’t they just bring Edith back with them?  Nope.
  • Andy reveals his ACTUAL FAVORITE EPISODE!
  • It’s all about one moment, “Jim, Edith Keeler must die.”

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 Guardian of Forevers
4 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

Star Trek's got a lot of time travel, so if you enjoy looking at our history back in time, the suggestions are Tomorrow is Yesterday and Assignment Earth.

Space Seed Preview

Next Up: Space Seed

Jessica's Prediction

Since eugenics was mentioned, I think the Enterprise will have to deal with an alien device or virus that creates a super powerful or super fast human.

Mirror, Mirror

Episode 11 – Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

In this episode of Beginning the Trek Andy and Jessica discuss:
  • Classic Star Trek!
  • Sexy, evil clothes are more flattering
  • Evil Sulu’s scar and his interest in Uhura
  • Evil Spock is really Regular Spock
  • Spock and Kirk’s relationship. Soulmates?
  • Mirror Universes, parallel, dimensions in sci-fi shows
  • Technology in the 60s. Turns out computers didn’t have voice recognition. Or keyboards.
  • Andy knows A LOT about original punch card style old computers. A. LOT.
  • Marlena Mareau as a character and love interests for Kirk
  • Reverse the polarity!
  • The disappearing machine and we have no idea what happens to Other Kirk and other others
  • Uhura’s shining moments
  • The mind meld
  • Kirk’s word jiu jitsu

Jessica's Rating

5 of 5 Evil Spock Goatees
5 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

If you would like to see more mind melding, check out Specter of the Gun in season 3 of The Original Series. Or if you'd like to see more Kirk word jiu jitsu, The Ultimate Computer (season 2, episode 24) and Return of the Archons (season 1, episode 21).

City on the Edge of Forever Preview

Next Up

City on the Edge of Forever

Jessica's Prediction

It's going to be about a meeting with a civilization right on the cusp of evolutionary change. The Enterprise is going to witness or be involved in some kind of transformation.

Episode 09 – The Enterprise Incident

The Enterprise Incident

Andy and Jessica talk Enterprise Incident, which includes:
    • Was the romance between Lady Romulan Commander and Mr. Spock real?
    • Lady Romulan Commander's agenda (part 1)
    • This episodes special effects
    • Captain Kirk was the bad guy! Did you know?
    • Captain Kirk's glammin' it up as a Romulan
    • How naive was the Romulan Commander? 10.
    • The Federation are bad guys.
    • Costuming. Lots of it.
    • Lady Romulan Commander's agenda (part 2)
    • Captain Kirk and the dumbest Romulan guard ever.
    • Are Vulcans incapable of lying? Hells. No.
    • Kirk dead? Nope.

The Youtube CG effects showing side-by-side that Andy mentions are here for Corbomite Maneuver, here for Tomorrow if Yesterday, and here for Amok Time.

And if you're needing it, Achmed the Dead Terrorist doing Kirk threatening Spock.

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 Glittery Gold Fake Romulan Eyebrows

4 out of 5 rating


Andy’s Suggestions

Things they took apart and made into a cloaking device are the inspiration for this week's suggestions: Nomad was in the Changeling and the ball is from Return to Tomorrow.

Let the be your last battlefield screenshot

Next Up

Let That be Your Last Battlefield

Jessica's Prediction

It's going to be about the Enterprise getting in over their heads in a war, where they lose a battle or fight and regret it.

Journey to Babel

Episode 08 – Journey to Babel

Journey to Babel

In this episode of Beginning the Trek Andy and Jessica discuss:
  • A check-in with Andy about this journey, and what we like and dislike and where we're going from here
  • Wardrobe loves their unitards and shiny, shiny outfits
  • All the alien races and extreme alien-ness
  • Jessica doesn't care about whatever vote was happening that they spent time on. FOCUS Star Trek!
  • Slow burn stories over full seasons and how that wasn't a thing in the 70s
  • Why doesn't everyone beam? Because transporter issues, McCoy says.
  • We can't forgive McCoy for not knowing Vulcan anatomy
  • The transmitter is in--wait for it--the antenna.
  • The Kirk fight. Impressive? Clunky? We're split on it.
  • The history of the Vulcan Salute
  • Exploring humanity through the eyes of Spock
  • Classic family discord via Vulcan drama
  • Vulcan history, emotion and yes, even prejudice
  • Jessica's issues with Spock's mom
  • Sarek & Romulans
  • Captain Kirk grew on Jessica. Finally.
  • Star Trek resolution scenes
  • Warp 10 is a lot of warps!

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Andorian Antennas

Andy’s Suggestions

If your thing transporter issues, Andy suggests The Enemy Within. You'll also see the first time Spock does the nerve pinch.

We only get two Romulan episodes. So if you want to get introduced to the Romulans (and see the actor who plays Sarek, Spock's dad, again) before we meet them with next week's episode, watch Balance of Terror.

Enterprise Incident

Next Up

We meet Romulans for the first time in The Enterprise Incident.


Naked Time

Episode 04 – The Naked Time

The Naked Time

Wherein we discuss:
  • Gold glittery hazmat suits
  • My first introduction to Mr. Sulu and the immediate love
  • The Redshirt trope
  • The never-ending scorpion noise of infection
  • How I called the plot on this one
  • The confusion that came from how the virus affected people
  • Spock’s emotions
  • Lack of security measures on the Enterprise
  • Kirk’s apology to Uhura
  • Kirk’s reaction to the virus
  • The original cast’s age and who has passed away
  • More of Spock’s emotions...
  • Spock’s family and their emotions...
  • The awful horrible ending that is the time travel throw in (and my emotions!)
  • The bowling alley

Jessica's Rating

2 of 5 Ripped Captain's Shirts

2 of 5

Andy’s Suggestions

The fun thing about this episode was some of the guest stars. So if you liked Kevin Riley and want to see him not infected, he is also in Conscience of the King, and Nurse Chapel in What Little Girls are Made Of.

The Cage Screenshot

Next Up

We'll be watching the ultimate Star Trek original original, The Original Series Pilot: The Cage