Episode 27 – Unification (Parts 1 & 2)

In our final exploration of TNG, Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The last of our TNG trek!
  • The virtual-ality and entertainment in Star Trek
  • All the characters feeling a bit off
  • Sarek and Picard moments
  • The plot just doesn't feel genuine
  • Spock's hope and grassroot movements and revolutions
  • That guy who is in everything
  • Practical effects vs. CG

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Romulan Shoulder Pads
3 out of 5 rating

Andy's Recommendation

Who doesn't love some good fan service? For episodes from TNG that include familiar TOS faces, check out:

  • Relics (season 6, episode 4) - Scotty makes an appearance
  • Encounter at Farpoint (season 1, episodes 1 & 2) - McCoy passes the torch to a new show
  • Star Trek: Generations (VII)

Next Up: Emissary

After a short recap for The Next Generation, we'll be going into Deep Space Nine. No prediction from Jessica for the new series, just sit back and enjoy some new faces.

Journey to Babel

Episode 08 – Journey to Babel

Journey to Babel

In this episode of Beginning the Trek Andy and Jessica discuss:
  • A check-in with Andy about this journey, and what we like and dislike and where we're going from here
  • Wardrobe loves their unitards and shiny, shiny outfits
  • All the alien races and extreme alien-ness
  • Jessica doesn't care about whatever vote was happening that they spent time on. FOCUS Star Trek!
  • Slow burn stories over full seasons and how that wasn't a thing in the 70s
  • Why doesn't everyone beam? Because transporter issues, McCoy says.
  • We can't forgive McCoy for not knowing Vulcan anatomy
  • The transmitter is in--wait for it--the antenna.
  • The Kirk fight. Impressive? Clunky? We're split on it.
  • The history of the Vulcan Salute
  • Exploring humanity through the eyes of Spock
  • Classic family discord via Vulcan drama
  • Vulcan history, emotion and yes, even prejudice
  • Jessica's issues with Spock's mom
  • Sarek & Romulans
  • Captain Kirk grew on Jessica. Finally.
  • Star Trek resolution scenes
  • Warp 10 is a lot of warps!

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Andorian Antennas

Andy’s Suggestions

If your thing transporter issues, Andy suggests The Enemy Within. You'll also see the first time Spock does the nerve pinch.

We only get two Romulan episodes. So if you want to get introduced to the Romulans (and see the actor who plays Sarek, Spock's dad, again) before we meet them with next week's episode, watch Balance of Terror.

Enterprise Incident

Next Up

We meet Romulans for the first time in The Enterprise Incident.