In a mirror darkly

Episode 51 – In a Mirror, Darkly (1&2)

Andy;s favorite Beginning the Trek episode has him and Jessica going over:

  • MU Everything and Everything MU
  • Chewing scenery at an epic level
  • Continuity Porn, Andy’s hooked!
  • Telerites are always guilty of something. Race hatred played out in the Mirror
  • Linda Park can act, and she puts the Ho in Hoshi!
  • Mirror Archer is a coward?
  • Gorn hunting and grav plating
  • Jessica explains what Mirror Porthos should have been
  • Phlox is creepy and awesome in any universe
  • Who were we supposed to be rooting for? Why the episode seemed a little flat.
  • AND AS PROMISED, Andy spoils the series finale of Enterprise.
  • And much, much much more.

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 T'Pol belly rings
3 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

  • ENT: (season 4, episode 20-21) - Demons and Terra Prime
  • TNG: (season 1, episode 19) - DataLore
  • TNG: (season 9, episode 12) - The Pegasus

Preview of All Good Thingsq

Next Up: All Good Things

Our very last episode for this trek. Are you ready? We're going back to TNG's final episode. Jessica predicts it will be a multitude of Picard's all sharing different experiences from different time periods. Also, there will be a farm.

Episode 33 – Crossover

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Campiness: TOS and now
  • Letting go of plot holes
  • We're coining the term "DS9'ed that"
  • The MU and the difference in characters
  • It ain’t all we’re good/they’re evil anymore
  • What would your mirror act like?
  • The death of Odo. Watch it over and over here.

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 Kira's earrings

Andy’s Suggestions

Highly recommended (like Family after BOBW): The Search 1&2 - From season 3 episode 1-2.

Next Up: Jem'Hadar

Jessica's Prediction

The prophets/wormhole aliens finally push out and it starts a war. That makes it so that the characters get defined in how they are for the rest of the seasons and starts Sisko on the path to running this big war coming up.