Measure of a Man

Episode 18 – The Measure of a Man

Measure of a Man

Andy and Jessica talk about AI and twisting your brain around rights of robots, after Jessica backpedals on a previous statement:
  • Data in love makes Jessica misty
  • Captain Picard and Phillipa Louvois’ relationship
  • Louvois decision and what it means to the federation
  • Riker’s heartbreak moments
  • Human attachments to … everything!
  • Data and emotions
  • Gainan and all that she is, plus Whoopi Goldberg (she’s so popular!)
  • Melinda M. Snodgrass

Links that were mentioned:
Whoopi Goldberg Panel at STLV50 and Whoopi and Nichelle Nichols together.

Jessica’s Rating

5 of 5 Data Poker Visors
5 of 5 Poker Visors

Andy’s Suggestions

From TOS, Season 1, Ep 20: Court Martial. (More courtroom drama and how can you resist Kirk on trial?) TNG, Season 2, Ep 15: Pen Pals (Also written by Melinda Snodgrass) and TNG, Season 3, Ep 24: Menage A Troi (Also Also)

Q-Who Preview

Next Up: Q-Who

Jessica’s Prediction

Q is going to show up in disguise and cause trouble as someone who they already know.

Mirror, Mirror

Episode 11 – Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

In this episode of Beginning the Trek Andy and Jessica discuss:
  • Classic Star Trek!
  • Sexy, evil clothes are more flattering
  • Evil Sulu’s scar and his interest in Uhura
  • Evil Spock is really Regular Spock
  • Spock and Kirk’s relationship. Soulmates?
  • Mirror Universes, parallel, dimensions in sci-fi shows
  • Technology in the 60s. Turns out computers didn’t have voice recognition. Or keyboards.
  • Andy knows A LOT about original punch card style old computers. A. LOT.
  • Marlena Mareau as a character and love interests for Kirk
  • Reverse the polarity!
  • The disappearing machine and we have no idea what happens to Other Kirk and other others
  • Uhura’s shining moments
  • The mind meld
  • Kirk’s word jiu jitsu

Jessica's Rating

5 of 5 Evil Spock Goatees
5 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

If you would like to see more mind melding, check out Specter of the Gun in season 3 of The Original Series. Or if you'd like to see more Kirk word jiu jitsu, The Ultimate Computer (season 2, episode 24) and Return of the Archons (season 1, episode 21).

City on the Edge of Forever Preview

Next Up

City on the Edge of Forever

Jessica's Prediction

It's going to be about a meeting with a civilization right on the cusp of evolutionary change. The Enterprise is going to witness or be involved in some kind of transformation.