The Jem'Hadar

Episode 34 – Jem’Hadar

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Watch The Search!
  • The little great moments throughout this episode
  • Runabout. Not Roundabout.
  • Sisko. And Quark. And frustration.
  • Where are the fail-safes for the runabout?!
  • Quark calling out the hewmans.
  • Bigotry. Ours, Sisko’s and even the cast at the time.
  • Jem’Hadar, tech, motives and new things!
  • And everything The Search, everything Odo, everything good stuff

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Campfires

Andy’s Suggestions

  • The Abandoned (Season 3, episode 6) - We find an abandoned Jem’Hadar who only bonds with Odo. I wonder why?
  • The Adversary (Season 3, episode 26) - We learn that when we haven't gone over to the gamma quadrant, they've definitely been infiltrating this side
  • Explorers (Season 3, episode 22) - Sisko builds a perfect replica of an ancient Bajoran ship and takes Jake on a journey to double check history

Next Up: Way of the Warrior (1 & 2)

Jessica's Prediction

Worf is going to be pursuing a changeling who becomes root beer and Worf smacks the root beer with his bat'leth. And in the second part, DS9 is going to deal with what to do with a captured changeling.