Let that be your last battlefield

Episode 10 – Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

For this slow moving episode, Andy and Jessica discuss:
  • Just how subtle can Star Trek be
  • Super powerful aliens who don't make sense
  • Feels like batman from the 70s
  • Art directors, producers and hollywood 101
  • When you make avatars of your war
  • Jessica realizing that Star Trek looking all old and 80s is actually really impressive
  • The ship design
  • The Trekkie community

Jessica's Rating

2 of 5 Flashing Alarms
2 of 5 Rating

Andy’s Suggestions

If you'd like to see racism handled a little differently, Day of the Dove might be up your alley. If you want to see more of escalating war, A Private Little War is suggested.

Mirror Mirror Preview

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Mirror, Mirror

Jessica's Prediction

Pretty obvious to anyone who has ever seen any sci-fi at all that this one is going to be about alternate timelines or a parallel universe. Bring on the other us!