Errand of Mercy

Episode 06 – Errand of Mercy

Errand of Mercy

I lovedie-loved-loved this episode. Listen as Andy and I talk mostly actors and spot-on acting in this one. Also:

  • The hand gestures of the Organians
  • Captain Kirk’s reaction to the Organians and moment of shame in Errand of Mercy
  • Commander Kor and Kirk's relationship - are they basically the same character?
  • The Klingon commander actor-John Colicos-is a sci-fi staple and other things about Commander Kor
  • The Klingon makeup and appearance throughout the Star Trek universe
  • The organians being exactly spot on
  • Would the Organians have shared who they were in any other circumstance?
  • The perspective of Earth from an astronauts point of view
  • The propaganda of war
  • How Star Trek affected later sci-fi, in particular connecting this show to a very similar one in Stargate SG-1
  • 6 degrees of sci-fi fandom
  • Shatner. Pauses. Happened.
  • Single story television arcs
  • The future of Klingons in Star Trek
  • You never see the mind scanner!
  • The evolution of humans - from Captain Kirk’s shameful moment to the Organians higher level power

Jessica's Rating

5 of 5 Spock Blue Tights with Ren-Faire Uggs
5 of 5 Errand of Mercy Rating

Andy’s Suggestions

If you liked the Klingons, we're going to see much, much more of them. And if you'd like to see the propaganda a Klingon encoutners, I suggest searching out the episode titled Day of the Dove.

Next Up

Just to lighten things up, we'll be watching The Trouble with Tribbles next.

Jessica's Prediction

Tribbles are monsters that multiply when shot at.