In a mirror darkly

Episode 51 – In a Mirror, Darkly (1&2)

Andy;s favorite Beginning the Trek episode has him and Jessica going over:

  • MU Everything and Everything MU
  • Chewing scenery at an epic level
  • Continuity Porn, Andy’s hooked!
  • Telerites are always guilty of something. Race hatred played out in the Mirror
  • Linda Park can act, and she puts the Ho in Hoshi!
  • Mirror Archer is a coward?
  • Gorn hunting and grav plating
  • Jessica explains what Mirror Porthos should have been
  • Phlox is creepy and awesome in any universe
  • Who were we supposed to be rooting for? Why the episode seemed a little flat.
  • AND AS PROMISED, Andy spoils the series finale of Enterprise.
  • And much, much much more.

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 T'Pol belly rings
3 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

  • ENT: (season 4, episode 20-21) - Demons and Terra Prime
  • TNG: (season 1, episode 19) - DataLore
  • TNG: (season 9, episode 12) - The Pegasus

Preview of All Good Thingsq

Next Up: All Good Things

Our very last episode for this trek. Are you ready? We're going back to TNG's final episode. Jessica predicts it will be a multitude of Picard's all sharing different experiences from different time periods. Also, there will be a farm.

Episode 50 – Bound

Andy and Jessica talk a lot, but this kind of sums it up.

Jessica's Rating

1 of 5 things. The things don't even matter.

Andy’s Suggestions

  • The Forge, Awakening, Kir’Shara (season 4, episodes 7-9) - Opens with an act of terrorism at an embassy on Vulcan and we see Vulcan Terrorists, a Savior’s soul, and a lot happens with T’Pol
  • The Tholian Web (TOS season 3, episode 9) - For next week, find out about who they are referring to when they say the Defiant and who are the Tholians?
  • Arena (TOS season 1, episode 19) - What is a Gorn?

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In a mirror darkly preview

Next Up: In a Mirror Darkly

Imagine YOU lived in the Mirror Universe and you wanted to watch Enterprise. It might look like this.

Episode 49 – Similitude

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Really good old fashioned Star Trek story
  • Trip has died!
  • The acting has gotten much better. Thanks, LeVar!
  • What could they have explored?!
  • Archer dealing with the order to make him and kill him
  • Designer babies and My Sister's Keeper.
  • Phlox. Awwww.
  • The 3rd season's aggressiveness and willingness to play the bad guy
  • What the Xindi storyline means

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 T'Pol pajama crop shirts
4 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Extra Helping of Episodes

  • Home (season 4, episode 03) - The Enterprise returns to Earth (with a quick drop off of T’Pol and Tripp on Vulcan) and Archer deals with his mission not being what he was hoping for and his anger. Also Phlox deals with xenophobic humans.
  • Borderland / Cold Station 12 / The Augments (season 4, episode 4-6) - Remember Khan? These guys are part of that bygone era of genetic augments. Oh, and they have a father, Dr. Arik Soong, played by Brent Spiner (Data)
  • Whom Gods Destroy (TOS throwback! season 3, episode 16) - You can meet Marta, the Orion Girl played by Yvonne Craig. Maybe not the best version of Orion, considering she is criminally insane...


Next Up: Bound

Andy's gone crazy and has decided to get to the 17th episode of the 4th season where they retcon the Orion slave girls.

Jessica's prediction is Enterprise is going to run into the (twist!) madames who actually own the slave girls. Archer's definitely going to get kissed.


Episode 48 – The Xindi

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Enterprise is starting to be serialized!
  • The Xindi - all 5 of them, weird
  • The militaristic vibe and dealing with 9/11
  • Malcolm v unchecked aggression
  • Trip's trips to planets
  • The foreman is gross
  • Those uncomfortable scenes with Trip in T'Pol
  • Phlox
  • How to call the different Xindi
  • We get the right captains at the right time

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 insectoid heads
3 of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

  • Anomaly (season 3, episode 2) - Our first adventure in learning how to live in the Delphic Expanse
  • Impulse (season 3, episode 5) - Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Vulcan ship lost in the Delphic Expanse
  • Hatchery (season 3, episode 17) - Enterprise finds a crashed Xindi Insectoid ship, leaving behind some rather precious cargo

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preview of Similitude

Next Up: Similitude

Some good old-fashioned Star Trekkiness. Jessica's prediction: Trip ends up with a clone and start to question whether the other Trip has a soul.

Andorian Incident

Episode 47 – The Andorian Incident

Andy and Jessica get all 47:

  • Help us out, donate!
  • All this time on the hostage, zero wrap up!
  • Transporters and tech is getting better
  • Where's Hoshi?!
  • T'Pol (and all of us) recognizing the ugly of her people
  • What exactly is this curtained off spy equipment FOR?
  • Andorian antennae
  • Archer's decision to hand over the info at the end

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 ancient dead vulcans
3 out of 5 vulcan dead

Andy’s Suggestions

  • Carbon Creek (season 2, episode 2) - Jolene Blalock in a dual role as T’Pol and her Great Grandmother
  • Horizon (season 2, episode 20 ) - Features Travis Mayweather (Because Andy knows Jessica likes him)
  • The Expanse (season 2, episode 26) - You're going to need to watch this because next week it's a two-parter and we're watching the second part. So watch them together.

The Xindi preview

Next Up: The Xindi

Jessica's Prediction
We're going to meet the Xindi in real time and they won't know what actually happened with the Xindi from the future, but in our anger we're going to take them out and Archer will have to deal with the morals of that.

Broken Bow

Episode 46 – Broken Bow

Andy and Jessica go on about Enterprise's pilot:

  • We don't talk, we SING!
  • Sacagawea, not Pocahontas! Sorry about that.
  • All the characters
  • Filling in the history
  • Regression in the story AND the show
  • The pissed off Vulcan thing
  • Seasons of Enterprise
  • AND SINGING! (We're sorry)

Jessica's Rating

2 of 5 NX-01s
2 out of 5 ships

Andy’s Suggestions

Have a watch of Fight or Flight, the very next episode. Malcolm gets to target practice with some new torpedos.

Next Up: The Andorian Incident

Jessica's prediction is that we're going to meet the Andorians and have a bunch misunderstandings and a death ritual. When the dead Andorian wakes up we're going to think we're awesome and the aliens will facepalm.