Episode 40 – Scorpion (1&2)

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Janeway and DaVinci - a fascinating choice of mentor
  • Borg Stampedes and Alliances
  • Species 8472 - The Borg’s Borg
  • The Scorpion parable - Chakotay!
  • Just who is the scorpion here, anyway?
  • Tiptoeing between two giants
  • 7 of 9 - What we think (so far)
  • The Borg Queen and where do The Borg come from?
  • ST: First Contact - Tons of backstory here, and a great movie as well
  • Being cheesy and eating grilled cheese

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 Kes new hairdos

Andy’s Suggestions

Star Trek: First Contact. The movie, not the TNG episode, but that’s good too!

Preview of The Gift

Next Up: The Gift

Jessica's Prediction

We're going to see that 7 of 9 is a gift to Voyager because of the knowledge she brings as a Borg.

Episode 24 – Best of Both Worlds (Part 2)

In this second parter, Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The deaths and destruction of the other ships may not have been given the weight they deserve
  • The silly borg arm that Locutus wears
  • Annnnd we’re back to Riker. And sexism. And emotional laziness.
  • Shelby didn’t die!
  • Why was Shelby chosen, instead of Worf as #1? Or Data?
  • Random characters of history showing up in sci-fi
  • Rewatching changes your mind about all kinds of things
  • Picard’s tears and Riker’s strategies.

Jessica’s Rating

3 of 5 Locutus Borg Face Implants
3 of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

Chain of Command (Season 6, episodes 10 & 11) – Ronny Cox comes in as a new captain (Edward Jellico) and eventually relieves Riker of command.
Time’s Arrow (Season 5, episode 26) – It’s been recommended before but called out again to explain the line, “beyond friends, beyond family” from Guinan.
I Borg (Season 5 Episode 23) – Literally just recommended this, but HEY JESSICA, we meet and nurse back to health an injured Borg, but discover doing the right thing may be harder than we thought.

The Wounded

Next Up: The Wounded

Jessica’s Prediction

O’Brien is going to be wounded and taken by the Cardassians. The Enterprise goes to find him while he’s discovering the badness of the Cardassians and having a flirty awkward scene or two.

Episode 23 – Best of Both Worlds (Part 1)

Best of Both Worlds – Part 1

This week, Andy and Jessica discuss…

  • Lt Commander Shelby, Jessica’s new favorite Guest Star and her relationship to Riker
  • How poorly Riker acts toward Shelby
  • Why Riker acts like a total butt-faced, crabby-pants jerk to Shelby
  • We talk about those pesky Borg too!
  • Jessica has a theory: The Borg aren’t space zombies, they are…
  • Television’s evolution – Story Telling from 1966 to 1990 to today
  • Andy’s obsession with Spoiler Alerts (Warning: this section contains SPOILER ALERTS for The Empire Strikes Back and MASH)

And much more…

Jessica’s Rating

4 of 5 Locutus Borg Face Implants
4 of 5 locutus face implants

Andy Recommends

I Borg (Season 5 Episode 23) We meet and nurse back to health an injured Borg, but discover doing the right thing may be harder than we thought.

Andy HIGHLY Recommends

Family (Season 4, Episode 2, the next episode). Picard returns to Earth and his home as he deals with life after his assimilation by the Borg. Also follows Worf and Wesley on personal journeys of family and resolution.

Next Up: Best of Both Worlds – Part 2

Jessica’s Prediction

This one is a little different because I just got to see part 1! But here’s what I think happens:
Firing doesn’t do anything. The Borg basically ignore everything thrown at them and leave the Enterprise as a mess in space while they head off. Riker becomes captain of the limping ship and we try to follow the borg. Mostly we just come across some serious destruction as we get closer and closer to earth. We’ll take on a bunch of refugees from other ships and planets. On the borg side, we’re going to get a look into Picard and how he influences the Borg. Because resistance is never futile! By the time we get to earth, there’s going to be a showdown and we’re going to tech our way to destroying them—right after we beam Picard on board!

Episode 19 – Q-Who


Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The Borg! Best bad guys ever?
  • The development of Q
  • Yes, for the love of God, Q is an ass and we’re changing our rating.
  • Relationship between Picard and Q
  • Q and Guinan
  • Finding the great ladies in Star Trek

Jessica’s Rating

3 of 5 Borg Cube Ships
3 out of 5 borg ships

Andy’s Suggestions

For the sake of seeing a male behave a little needy and klutzy just like Sonya Gomez, give a watch to Lower Decks, season 7, episode 15. Also, if you want to see a great female character that is not on our list, watch Wesley Crusher save the day with guest star Ashley Judd in The Game, season 5, episode 6.

peak performance preview

Next Up: Peak Performance

Jessica’s Prediction

Starfleet has developed a pill called Vitamin Craziness that will bring out the super soldiers in the cast, but will also cause a Naked Time effect.