Episode 50 – Bound

Andy and Jessica talk a lot, but this kind of sums it up.

Jessica's Rating

1 of 5 things. The things don't even matter.

Andy’s Suggestions

  • The Forge, Awakening, Kir’Shara (season 4, episodes 7-9) - Opens with an act of terrorism at an embassy on Vulcan and we see Vulcan Terrorists, a Savior’s soul, and a lot happens with T’Pol
  • The Tholian Web (TOS season 3, episode 9) - For next week, find out about who they are referring to when they say the Defiant and who are the Tholians?
  • Arena (TOS season 1, episode 19) - What is a Gorn?

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In a mirror darkly preview

Next Up: In a Mirror Darkly

Imagine YOU lived in the Mirror Universe and you wanted to watch Enterprise. It might look like this.

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Jessica Ray and Andy Goldberg are the duo for Beginning the Trek, leading discussions of a curated first-time Star Trek experience.

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