The Cage

Episode 05 – The Cage

The Cage

This one was a long one! Lots and lots for Jessica and Andy to talk about, such as:

  • Spock’s skin color
  • How challenging it is to accept the old technology and lack of sophistication in effects
  • The new Star Trek Discovery show and how Trekkies handle every version of Star Trek that comes out
  • Captain Pike is a jerk
  • Changes from the pilot and TOS, how they made it more iconic in so many ways
  • My opinions on Number 1, which are very strong
  • The Menagerie
  • My opinions on simpering, saccharine female characters (also strong)
  • How I think this really would work better as a book and I agree that it’s too cerebral as a television show
  • So. Many. Plot. Holes. From tech to motivation.
  • Jessica’s determination to get through things she doesn’t like
  • The slave girl scene
  • How other shows of the time handled empowered women characters
  • How Star Trek grows over time to be not so misogynistic
  • The unbelievability of the show because of the culture of the 60’s (the most strong opinions)

Jessica's Rating

1 of 5 Throbbing Alien Head Veins
1 of 5

Andy’s Suggestions

This was a bit of an odd duck episode, so we didn't really get Andy's recommendations for The Original Series. However, he did recommend a listen of Inside Star Trek - Roddenberry's interview on YouTube.

Next Up

We'll be watching Errand of Mercy next, in which we will be meeting the Klingons for the first time!

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I have never seen Star Trek. This is my journey to discovering it, led by my great friend and super nerd trekkie fan, Andy Goldberg.

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