Broken Bow

Episode 46 – Broken Bow

Andy and Jessica go on about Enterprise's pilot:

  • We don't talk, we SING!
  • Sacagawea, not Pocahontas! Sorry about that.
  • All the characters
  • Filling in the history
  • Regression in the story AND the show
  • The pissed off Vulcan thing
  • Seasons of Enterprise
  • AND SINGING! (We're sorry)

Jessica's Rating

2 of 5 NX-01s
2 out of 5 ships

Andy’s Suggestions

Have a watch of Fight or Flight, the very next episode. Malcolm gets to target practice with some new torpedos.

Next Up: The Andorian Incident

Jessica's prediction is that we're going to meet the Andorians and have a bunch misunderstandings and a death ritual. When the dead Andorian wakes up we're going to think we're awesome and the aliens will facepalm.

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Jessica Ray and Andy Goldberg are the duo for Beginning the Trek, leading discussions of a curated first-time Star Trek experience.

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