Episode 16 – Symbiosys


In our 2nd episode of the Next Generation, Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The Prime Directive
  • More Prime Directive
  • Even more Prime Directive
  • Solar flares
  • 8 minutes of not rescuing the ship
  • The Prime Directive
  • Learning all about Picard and other characters. Some of whom are awesome and some Jessica thinks suck.
  • Medicine vs. drugs. Is there a lesson here? Or are we just spouting drug dealers are bad?

Jessica’s Rating

2 of 5 Eletcric Hands
2 of 5 electric hands

Andy’s Suggestions

Based on what Jessica originally thought was going to happen in this episode (Data will get duplicated), if that storyline interests you, check out Datalore. Season 1, episode 13.

Elementary, Dear Data

Next Up: Elementary, Dear Data

Jessica’s Prediction

Data is going to the holodeck and becoming Sherlock Holmes, so of course the holodeck is going to become Moriarty. Or possibly Sherlock’s brother–whose name we just can’t remember. (It’s Mycroft, guys.)

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Jessica Ray and Andy Goldberg are the duo for Beginning the Trek, leading discussions of a curated first-time Star Trek experience.

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