Episode 32 – Blood Oath

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Odo & Quark moments
  • Dahar masters
  • How the old gunslingers made Klingon history
  • Killing the Albino or murdering the Albino?
  • Stage play DRAMA
  • Worf and the bat'leth
  • It's a good day to die
  • Where's the death chant?

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 bat'leths
3 out of 5 bat'leths

Andy’s Suggestions

  • Playing God (Season 2, Episode 17) - Dax interviews a prospective host
  • Equilibrium (Season 3, Episode 4) - Jadzia uncovers memories of a past host that she knew nothing about.
  • Facets (Season 3, Episode 25) - We meet all of Dax’s previous hosts in a special Trill ceremony

preview of Crossover episode

Next Up: Crossover

Jessica's Prediction

Clearly Kira and Bashir are going to cross over to the MU (TM?) 🙂 and try to get back and on the way Bashir is going to kiss himself.

Episode 22 – Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

In this Worf centric episode, Andy and Jessica talk:
  • Face prosthetics make aliens extra hard to relate to
  • Finding out who Worf is
  • Finding out who Klingons are
  • Jessica’s hatred of bureaucratic bad guys
  • Worf’s shame – is it really going to change him?
  • The storylines that are sparked from this episode
  • Klingon Commander Kurn

Jessica’s Rating

2 of 5 Worf Baldrics 3 of 5 Worf Baldrics
3 out of 5 baldrics

Andy’s Suggestions

Recommended for Worf enthusiasts…

  • The Heart of Glory tests Worf’s loyalties when 3 Klingons board the Enterprise and tempt him to join their group.
  • The Emissary lets Worf take center stage when an old Klingon sleeper ship threatens Federation territory, featuring a romantic interlude, Klingon Style.
  • Redemption 1 & 2 brings a Klingon Civil War to the table and gives Worf a chance to serve on a Klingon Warship.
  • And for fun, A Fist Full Of Datas pits Worf and his son, Alexander (did we mention him yet?) against a plethora of holographic Datas. Also, Councilor Troi shines as the Mysterious Gunfighter, Durango.

Next Up: Best of Both Worlds – Part 1

Jessica’s Prediction

The Borg are here and we are not ready. So we’re going to meet a queen bee who infects all of the crew but she’s going to find them too human to become Borg.

Trouble with Tribbles

Episode 07 – Trouble with Tribbles

Trouble with Tribbles

Wherein Andy and Jessica talk:
  • The snappiness of the episode—it’s fun!
  • Jessica’s absolute favorite moment of Star Trek so far: watching Shatner get bombarded with Tribbles!
  • Spock and McCoy insulting each other and that whole relationship
  • The joy of Scotty and his accent and character and starting the fight
  • The bar fight
  • Jessica believes the captain is in fact, a overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood leading to Andy’s childhood hero drama
  • Passionate engineers in sci-fi shows
  • The scenes that drag on
  • The Klingon appearance changes
  • The new Star Trek show, Discovery
  • Fans acceptance of canon changes over time - Kirk isn’t actually real!
  • The Klingon attitudes last episode vs this episode
  • Characters we'll be meeting in the future
  • Nichelle Nichol's talent
  • The nonsense Priority 1 for Ambassador Ninny-face
  • What's the proper term for a creature that can reproduce asexually? Because that's not what bisexual means...
  • Chekov's accent

Jessica's Rating

5 of 5 Multiplying Tribbles
5 of 5 Tribbles Rating

Andy’s Suggestions

If you'd like to see more of the lighter side of Star Trek there are super fun comedic episodes we aren't going to be able to watch, but are definitely worth checking out, including Squire of Gothos. Go watch it. Highly recommended. Want even with MORE fun? Go stream A Piece of the Action.

Next Up

Meeting with a whole bunches of new aliens in Journey to Babel.

Jessica's Prediction

It's tough getting all these aliens speaking the same language. Clearly something is going to get lost in translation in this next episode.