Episode 30 – Duet

Andy and Jessica talk about Duet, including:

  • This one isn't all that funny
  • There's the magical mix of Star Trek in this episode
  • Marritza’s journey
  • Cardassians are dramatic
  • Should Marritza have gone to jail anyway? At what point would you say “I’m willing to die to not let you do this."
  • Odo, Odo, Odo. Beef up your security man!
  • Was Marritza’s plan right? Should he have been martyred? We don’t have an answer.
  • Bottle episodes
  • Impressions of extra episodes watched

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 assassin knives
4 out of 5 assasin knives

Andy’s Suggestions

Bottle episodes like this one tend to be well-liked. Here are a couple others from Star Trek.

  • The Naked Time (Season 1, episode 4 of TOS) - We watched this one, but it's worth a rewatch.
  • Disaster (Season 5, episode 5 of TNG) - Mentioned before, worth the watch!

Rules of Acquisition preview

Next Up: Rules of Acquisition

Jessica's Prediction

Quark is going to make a deal with a guest star purchasing some sex slaves and the ladies are going to use the Rules of Acquisition against him to get their freedom.

Episode 29 – Progress

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Apologies for some podcast mess ups
  • 1st impressions are never right
  • Styles of captainship
  • Kira, Andy's new Spock
  • Mullibok, the actor who plays him (Brian Kieth), and the character himself
  • Real life comparison vs the hope of Star Trek vs DS9
  • Where is Kira’s line? What won’t she do?
  • Jake and Nog got EW, but it was funny
  • Some extra episodes that Jessica got to watch

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 honeycomb kiln tiles

Andy’s Suggestions

To go with next week, we’re only 4 episodes away from our next episode. Andy mentions all the episodes in between but the recommended is:

  • The Forsaken (Season 1, episode 17) - Lwaxana Troi comes to visit. Through her attraction and developing a (sort of!) relationship with Odo, we learn more about him.
  • Past Prologue (Season 1, episode 3) - The next episode aired after Emissary. Introduces a character, Garak, we might want to be familiar with later on.

Duet preview

Next Up: Duet

Jessica's Prediction

The wormhole is going to spit out a military figure from Bajor history and Kira is going to have to deal with her view of Bajoran history compared to that actual person.

Episode 28 – Emissary (Parts 1 & 2)

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • This is a whole new thing and we aren't moving on every week
  • Long story arcs
  • All the new characters. And O'Brien.
  • The command structure on the station
  • The way Star Trek actors know how to bump and shake
  • Sisko's a lot darker than the previous captains
  • We're not sure about what's going on with the wormhole aliens
  • Majel Barrett-Roddenberry's voice is beloved universe-wide
  • We might get things wrong because we're more new to this space station and more familiar with TNG and TOS

Jessica's Rating

1 of 5 White Tea Pitchers
1 out of 5 white pitchers

Andy’s Suggestions

We want to learn more about these new characters! These are Andy's best of season 1 picks:

  • Captive Pursuit (Season 1, episode 6) - the first time we encounter an alien from the wormhole and O'Brien develops a relationship with it.
  • Q Less (Season 1, episode 7) - Q joins the team for just this one episode and gets punched right in the face.
  • Battle Lines (Season 1, episode 13) - Kai Opaka joins a mission to the gamma quadrant and we discover factions at war, but they do not die.


Next Up: Progress

Jessica's Prediction

Kira is going to have to learn diplomacy with a series of encounters with shop owners and others on the station.

Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode – TNG Wrap Up

A bonus episode for one of the most watched Star Trek series of all time. Next week we’ll start in on Deep Space Nine, but until then, enjoy the episodes we watched, what we have yet to see and … what’s that one robots name … the silver-skinned one … you know.

Episode 27 – Unification (Parts 1 & 2)

In our final exploration of TNG, Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The last of our TNG trek!
  • The virtual-ality and entertainment in Star Trek
  • All the characters feeling a bit off
  • Sarek and Picard moments
  • The plot just doesn't feel genuine
  • Spock's hope and grassroot movements and revolutions
  • That guy who is in everything
  • Practical effects vs. CG

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Romulan Shoulder Pads
3 out of 5 rating

Andy's Recommendation

Who doesn't love some good fan service? For episodes from TNG that include familiar TOS faces, check out:

  • Relics (season 6, episode 4) - Scotty makes an appearance
  • Encounter at Farpoint (season 1, episodes 1 & 2) - McCoy passes the torch to a new show
  • Star Trek: Generations (VII)

Next Up: Emissary

After a short recap for The Next Generation, we'll be going into Deep Space Nine. No prediction from Jessica for the new series, just sit back and enjoy some new faces.

Episode 26 – The Inner Light

Andy and Jessica talk, or gush, about: 
  • how this was an ok episode, I guess
  • the moment when you lose it and just start crying
  • the moment when Picard isn't Picard
  • love for Picard, his hair, his flute, and his costumes
  • the many mind trips of Picard
  • hey, where is Troi?
  • oh, and we heart Picard

Stay tuned for extra, extra cheese when Andy and Jessica read the poem at the end.

Jessica's Rating

5 of 5 Ressikan flutes
5 out of 5 Ressikan flutes

Andy’s Suggestions

If you couldn't tell from every mention of love every time Patrick Stewart was anywhere in our thoughts, here are some recommendations for Picard heavy episodes:

  • Captain’s Holiday (season 3, episode 19) - Picard goes to a pleasure planet and meets Vosh, a shady archeologist.
  • Follow up Captain's Holiday with Q-Pid (season 4, 20) - Where Q turns the Enterprise into Robin Hood!
  • Tapestry (season 6, episode 15) - Picard goes back in time to relive a moment where he is stabbed in the heart.
  • Starship Mine (season 6, episode 18) - Picard in Die Hard.
  • Gambit (season 7, episodes 4 & 5) - Picard is dead and vaporized and when we catch up with him, he’s infiltrated a group of potentially dubious people.
  • Darmok (season 5, episode 2) - Picard and another alien end up together, unable to communicate with each other, and must learn from each other to defeat a monster that is attacking them.

Jessica’s Suggestions

For the first time, Jessica has a recommendation! Since this episode was a lot like poetry, go read Walt Whitman’s 'Of the terrible doubt of appearances'. If you don't see the connection, well, at least you got some culture.

Next Up: Unification - Parts 1 & 2

Jessica's Prediction

Oh we're going to be all over the place, with stories intertwining and Spock making an appearance. Alright, that isn't a prediction so much as Andy already said it.

Episode 25 – The Wounded

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • BDSM helmets and Cardassian makeup
  • Action vs. meetings
  • Clunkiness between O’Brien and Keiko
  • Singing in Star Trek
  • Everyman characters
  • Proving you are right being more important than taking lives
  • Specism. Or xenophobia. Or something.
  • War. It messes soldiers up.
  • Maxwell did it all wrong. Would Picard have done it better?
  • Iconic episodes (and hardcore fans) can be intimidating
  • Deep Space 9 prep

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Cardassian Headgear Helmets

Andy’s Suggestions

For background on Deep Space 9:

  • Chain of Command, parts 1 and 2. (Season 6, episode 11) Wherein we believe the Cardassians are building weapons and Picard goes on a special mission and Riker deals with a new captain.
  • Ensign Ro. (Season 5, episode 3) We learn about the Bajorans through, you guessed it, Ensign Ro.

Next Up: Inner Light

Jessica's Prediction

Predictions are not made for this episode. Just go, watch, enjoy. Cry a little.

Episode 24 – Best of Both Worlds (Part 2)

In this second parter, Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The deaths and destruction of the other ships may not have been given the weight they deserve
  • The silly borg arm that Locutus wears
  • Annnnd we’re back to Riker. And sexism. And emotional laziness.
  • Shelby didn’t die!
  • Why was Shelby chosen, instead of Worf as #1? Or Data?
  • Random characters of history showing up in sci-fi
  • Rewatching changes your mind about all kinds of things
  • Picard’s tears and Riker’s strategies.

Jessica’s Rating

3 of 5 Locutus Borg Face Implants
3 of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

Chain of Command (Season 6, episodes 10 & 11) – Ronny Cox comes in as a new captain (Edward Jellico) and eventually relieves Riker of command.
Time’s Arrow (Season 5, episode 26) – It’s been recommended before but called out again to explain the line, “beyond friends, beyond family” from Guinan.
I Borg (Season 5 Episode 23) – Literally just recommended this, but HEY JESSICA, we meet and nurse back to health an injured Borg, but discover doing the right thing may be harder than we thought.

The Wounded

Next Up: The Wounded

Jessica’s Prediction

O’Brien is going to be wounded and taken by the Cardassians. The Enterprise goes to find him while he’s discovering the badness of the Cardassians and having a flirty awkward scene or two.

Episode 23 – Best of Both Worlds (Part 1)

Best of Both Worlds – Part 1

This week, Andy and Jessica discuss…

  • Lt Commander Shelby, Jessica’s new favorite Guest Star and her relationship to Riker
  • How poorly Riker acts toward Shelby
  • Why Riker acts like a total butt-faced, crabby-pants jerk to Shelby
  • We talk about those pesky Borg too!
  • Jessica has a theory: The Borg aren’t space zombies, they are…
  • Television’s evolution – Story Telling from 1966 to 1990 to today
  • Andy’s obsession with Spoiler Alerts (Warning: this section contains SPOILER ALERTS for The Empire Strikes Back and MASH)

And much more…

Jessica’s Rating

4 of 5 Locutus Borg Face Implants
4 of 5 locutus face implants

Andy Recommends

I Borg (Season 5 Episode 23) We meet and nurse back to health an injured Borg, but discover doing the right thing may be harder than we thought.

Andy HIGHLY Recommends

Family (Season 4, Episode 2, the next episode). Picard returns to Earth and his home as he deals with life after his assimilation by the Borg. Also follows Worf and Wesley on personal journeys of family and resolution.

Next Up: Best of Both Worlds – Part 2

Jessica’s Prediction

This one is a little different because I just got to see part 1! But here’s what I think happens:
Firing doesn’t do anything. The Borg basically ignore everything thrown at them and leave the Enterprise as a mess in space while they head off. Riker becomes captain of the limping ship and we try to follow the borg. Mostly we just come across some serious destruction as we get closer and closer to earth. We’ll take on a bunch of refugees from other ships and planets. On the borg side, we’re going to get a look into Picard and how he influences the Borg. Because resistance is never futile! By the time we get to earth, there’s going to be a showdown and we’re going to tech our way to destroying them—right after we beam Picard on board!

Episode 22 – Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

In this Worf centric episode, Andy and Jessica talk:
  • Face prosthetics make aliens extra hard to relate to
  • Finding out who Worf is
  • Finding out who Klingons are
  • Jessica’s hatred of bureaucratic bad guys
  • Worf’s shame – is it really going to change him?
  • The storylines that are sparked from this episode
  • Klingon Commander Kurn

Jessica’s Rating

2 of 5 Worf Baldrics 3 of 5 Worf Baldrics
3 out of 5 baldrics

Andy’s Suggestions

Recommended for Worf enthusiasts…

  • The Heart of Glory tests Worf’s loyalties when 3 Klingons board the Enterprise and tempt him to join their group.
  • The Emissary lets Worf take center stage when an old Klingon sleeper ship threatens Federation territory, featuring a romantic interlude, Klingon Style.
  • Redemption 1 & 2 brings a Klingon Civil War to the table and gives Worf a chance to serve on a Klingon Warship.
  • And for fun, A Fist Full Of Datas pits Worf and his son, Alexander (did we mention him yet?) against a plethora of holographic Datas. Also, Councilor Troi shines as the Mysterious Gunfighter, Durango.

Next Up: Best of Both Worlds – Part 1

Jessica’s Prediction

The Borg are here and we are not ready. So we’re going to meet a queen bee who infects all of the crew but she’s going to find them too human to become Borg.