Corbomite Maneuver

Episode 02 – The Corbomite Maneuver


The First Time

Jessica and Andy dive into an actual episode. It's about time! I'm only, what, 50 years late to the party?

On this podcast we talk:

  • the complete surprise that is Balok
  • how tv has changed the perception of Star Trek, especially in regards to airing on tv vs streaming
  • body types from 60s to today and Kirk with shirt off (meow?)
  • lack of female representation in this episode and how far we’ve come in that area AND in production
  • Kirk's decision to render aid at the end
  • how the enterprise is like a submarine
  • problems with creating technology when our current tech goes beyond those ideas

Next Up

The next episode I'll be watching is A Taste of Armageddon. Stream it on your fave device by searching The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 24. Watch with me!


4 of 5 Yeoman Beehives

4 of 5

Beginning the Trek

Episode 01 – Beginning the Trek

Meet the Podcasters

You may have listened to the snippets for Beginning the Trek, but now meet Andy and Jessica for real!

We’ll be getting into conversations about Star Trek episodes next week, but in this first one we talk about all the things us. Such as Andy’s deep love for Star Trek and how I’ve managed to go without ever watching an episode of Star Trek. How intense Trekkies can be. The word crazy does get used. Andy expresses how hard it was to cut down Star Trek into a bite-sized introduction and we both go over the vision for Beginning the Trek as a podcast.

And most importantly, we set a date for watching my first episode! The first episode we’ll be seeing is *drumroll* The Corbomite Maneuver. And you can hear me as my tongue gets extra tied trying to say that title. If you stick around to the end you’ll also hear me giving up on trying to figure out time zones.

Forgive the Mess

We’re still getting our podcasting bearings, so please forgive any sound issues.

Also forgive me in particular because Shatner is the spokesman for Priceline. Not Travelocity. Heh heh heh. *shuffles away*

As of this posting, you can watch the episode we’ll be talking about next on your fave streaming channel: If you have CBS all access, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Or just search for it on your device like a good millennial.