The Cage

Episode 05 – The Cage

The Cage

This one was a long one! Lots and lots for Jessica and Andy to talk about, such as:

  • Spock’s skin color
  • How challenging it is to accept the old technology and lack of sophistication in effects
  • The new Star Trek Discovery show and how Trekkies handle every version of Star Trek that comes out
  • Captain Pike is a jerk
  • Changes from the pilot and TOS, how they made it more iconic in so many ways
  • My opinions on Number 1, which are very strong
  • The Menagerie
  • My opinions on simpering, saccharine female characters (also strong)
  • How I think this really would work better as a book and I agree that it’s too cerebral as a television show
  • So. Many. Plot. Holes. From tech to motivation.
  • Jessica’s determination to get through things she doesn’t like
  • The slave girl scene
  • How other shows of the time handled empowered women characters
  • How Star Trek grows over time to be not so misogynistic
  • The unbelievability of the show because of the culture of the 60’s (the most strong opinions)

Jessica's Rating

1 of 5 Throbbing Alien Head Veins
1 of 5

Andy’s Suggestions

This was a bit of an odd duck episode, so we didn't really get Andy's recommendations for The Original Series. However, he did recommend a listen of Inside Star Trek - Roddenberry's interview on YouTube.

Next Up

We'll be watching Errand of Mercy next, in which we will be meeting the Klingons for the first time!

Naked Time

Episode 04 – The Naked Time

The Naked Time

Wherein we discuss:
  • Gold glittery hazmat suits
  • My first introduction to Mr. Sulu and the immediate love
  • The Redshirt trope
  • The never-ending scorpion noise of infection
  • How I called the plot on this one
  • The confusion that came from how the virus affected people
  • Spock’s emotions
  • Lack of security measures on the Enterprise
  • Kirk’s apology to Uhura
  • Kirk’s reaction to the virus
  • The original cast’s age and who has passed away
  • More of Spock’s emotions...
  • Spock’s family and their emotions...
  • The awful horrible ending that is the time travel throw in (and my emotions!)
  • The bowling alley

Jessica's Rating

2 of 5 Ripped Captain's Shirts

2 of 5

Andy’s Suggestions

The fun thing about this episode was some of the guest stars. So if you liked Kevin Riley and want to see him not infected, he is also in Conscience of the King, and Nurse Chapel in What Little Girls are Made Of.

The Cage Screenshot

Next Up

We'll be watching the ultimate Star Trek original original, The Original Series Pilot: The Cage

Taste of Armageddon

Episode 03 – A Taste of Armageddon

A Taste of Armageddon

Wherein we discuss:

  • How Jessica just doesn’t believe that anyone would voluntarily walk into a disintegration chamber
  • How this may be the most peaceful and moral of all wars (and the guards are just the worst)
  • Comparing Eminiar 7's war with our food processes
  • Ranking on the Enterprise
  • Redshirts and Spock's nerve pinch and mind melding abilities
  • The new actors vs the old actors—are they older or do they just seem more mature?
  • Shatner’s halting speech--love it or hate it?
  • Maya 3’s character— she’s a pretty face, but did she bring anything to the story?
  • The lack of sexual tension in the show
  • How Anon7 spams the Enterprise
  • The ambassador characters
  • The what ifs of the other planet

Andy's Recommendations

It’s all about the Kirk Speech. That magic moment what William Shatner dramatically delivers the moral or message of the episode. A Taste of Armageddon has one of my all time favorites, but he’s got plenty more.

Check out these episodes:

  1. The Omega Glory - Dealing with two warring tribes and a renegade officer, the story is a little over the top, but the Kirk Speech is fantastic!
  2. Return to Tomorrow - Great episode, great speech! "What is the mission of this ship?”

Jessica's Rating

3 of 5 Disintegration Chambers

4 of 5

Next Up

The next episode I'll be watching is The Naked Time. Stream it on your fave device by searching The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 24.

Corbomite Maneuver

Episode 02 – The Corbomite Maneuver


The First Time

Jessica and Andy dive into an actual episode. It's about time! I'm only, what, 50 years late to the party?

On this podcast we talk:

  • the complete surprise that is Balok
  • how tv has changed the perception of Star Trek, especially in regards to airing on tv vs streaming
  • body types from 60s to today and Kirk with shirt off (meow?)
  • lack of female representation in this episode and how far we’ve come in that area AND in production
  • Kirk's decision to render aid at the end
  • how the enterprise is like a submarine
  • problems with creating technology when our current tech goes beyond those ideas

Next Up

The next episode I'll be watching is A Taste of Armageddon. Stream it on your fave device by searching The Original Series, Season 1, Episode 24. Watch with me!


4 of 5 Yeoman Beehives

4 of 5

Beginning the Trek

Episode 01 – Beginning the Trek

Meet the Podcasters

You may have listened to the snippets for Beginning the Trek, but now meet Andy and Jessica for real!

We’ll be getting into conversations about Star Trek episodes next week, but in this first one we talk about all the things us. Such as Andy’s deep love for Star Trek and how I’ve managed to go without ever watching an episode of Star Trek. How intense Trekkies can be. The word crazy does get used. Andy expresses how hard it was to cut down Star Trek into a bite-sized introduction and we both go over the vision for Beginning the Trek as a podcast.

And most importantly, we set a date for watching my first episode! The first episode we’ll be seeing is *drumroll* The Corbomite Maneuver. And you can hear me as my tongue gets extra tied trying to say that title. If you stick around to the end you’ll also hear me giving up on trying to figure out time zones.

Forgive the Mess

We’re still getting our podcasting bearings, so please forgive any sound issues.

Also forgive me in particular because Shatner is the spokesman for Priceline. Not Travelocity. Heh heh heh. *shuffles away*

As of this posting, you can watch the episode we’ll be talking about next on your fave streaming channel: If you have CBS all access, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Or just search for it on your device like a good millennial.