Episode 40 – Scorpion (1&2)

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Janeway and DaVinci - a fascinating choice of mentor
  • Borg Stampedes and Alliances
  • Species 8472 - The Borg’s Borg
  • The Scorpion parable - Chakotay!
  • Just who is the scorpion here, anyway?
  • Tiptoeing between two giants
  • 7 of 9 - What we think (so far)
  • The Borg Queen and where do The Borg come from?
  • ST: First Contact - Tons of backstory here, and a great movie as well
  • Being cheesy and eating grilled cheese

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 Kes new hairdos

Andy’s Suggestions

Star Trek: First Contact. The movie, not the TNG episode, but that’s good too!

Preview of The Gift

Next Up: The Gift

Jessica's Prediction

We're going to see that 7 of 9 is a gift to Voyager because of the knowledge she brings as a Borg.

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Jessica Ray and Andy Goldberg are the duo for Beginning the Trek, leading discussions of a curated first-time Star Trek experience.

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