Episode 30 – Duet

Andy and Jessica talk about Duet, including:

  • This one isn't all that funny
  • There's the magical mix of Star Trek in this episode
  • Marritza’s journey
  • Cardassians are dramatic
  • Should Marritza have gone to jail anyway? At what point would you say “I’m willing to die to not let you do this."
  • Odo, Odo, Odo. Beef up your security man!
  • Was Marritza’s plan right? Should he have been martyred? We don’t have an answer.
  • Bottle episodes
  • Impressions of extra episodes watched

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 assassin knives
4 out of 5 assasin knives

Andy’s Suggestions

Bottle episodes like this one tend to be well-liked. Here are a couple others from Star Trek.

  • The Naked Time (Season 1, episode 4 of TOS) - We watched this one, but it's worth a rewatch.
  • Disaster (Season 5, episode 5 of TNG) - Mentioned before, worth the watch!

Rules of Acquisition preview

Next Up: Rules of Acquisition

Jessica's Prediction

Quark is going to make a deal with a guest star purchasing some sex slaves and the ladies are going to use the Rules of Acquisition against him to get their freedom.

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Jessica Ray and Andy Goldberg are the duo for Beginning the Trek, leading discussions of a curated first-time Star Trek experience.

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