Episode 26 – The Inner Light

Andy and Jessica talk, or gush, about: 
  • how this was an ok episode, I guess
  • the moment when you lose it and just start crying
  • the moment when Picard isn't Picard
  • love for Picard, his hair, his flute, and his costumes
  • the many mind trips of Picard
  • hey, where is Troi?
  • oh, and we heart Picard

Stay tuned for extra, extra cheese when Andy and Jessica read the poem at the end.

Jessica's Rating

5 of 5 Ressikan flutes
5 out of 5 Ressikan flutes

Andy’s Suggestions

If you couldn't tell from every mention of love every time Patrick Stewart was anywhere in our thoughts, here are some recommendations for Picard heavy episodes:

  • Captain’s Holiday (season 3, episode 19) - Picard goes to a pleasure planet and meets Vosh, a shady archeologist.
  • Follow up Captain's Holiday with Q-Pid (season 4, 20) - Where Q turns the Enterprise into Robin Hood!
  • Tapestry (season 6, episode 15) - Picard goes back in time to relive a moment where he is stabbed in the heart.
  • Starship Mine (season 6, episode 18) - Picard in Die Hard.
  • Gambit (season 7, episodes 4 & 5) - Picard is dead and vaporized and when we catch up with him, he’s infiltrated a group of potentially dubious people.
  • Darmok (season 5, episode 2) - Picard and another alien end up together, unable to communicate with each other, and must learn from each other to defeat a monster that is attacking them.

Jessica’s Suggestions

For the first time, Jessica has a recommendation! Since this episode was a lot like poetry, go read Walt Whitman’s 'Of the terrible doubt of appearances'. If you don't see the connection, well, at least you got some culture.

Next Up: Unification - Parts 1 & 2

Jessica's Prediction

Oh we're going to be all over the place, with stories intertwining and Spock making an appearance. Alright, that isn't a prediction so much as Andy already said it.

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