Episode 22 – Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

In this Worf centric episode, Andy and Jessica talk:
  • Face prosthetics make aliens extra hard to relate to
  • Finding out who Worf is
  • Finding out who Klingons are
  • Jessica’s hatred of bureaucratic bad guys
  • Worf’s shame – is it really going to change him?
  • The storylines that are sparked from this episode
  • Klingon Commander Kurn

Jessica’s Rating

2 of 5 Worf Baldrics 3 of 5 Worf Baldrics
3 out of 5 baldrics

Andy’s Suggestions

Recommended for Worf enthusiasts…

  • The Heart of Glory tests Worf’s loyalties when 3 Klingons board the Enterprise and tempt him to join their group.
  • The Emissary lets Worf take center stage when an old Klingon sleeper ship threatens Federation territory, featuring a romantic interlude, Klingon Style.
  • Redemption 1 & 2 brings a Klingon Civil War to the table and gives Worf a chance to serve on a Klingon Warship.
  • And for fun, A Fist Full Of Datas pits Worf and his son, Alexander (did we mention him yet?) against a plethora of holographic Datas. Also, Councilor Troi shines as the Mysterious Gunfighter, Durango.

Next Up: Best of Both Worlds – Part 1

Jessica’s Prediction

The Borg are here and we are not ready. So we’re going to meet a queen bee who infects all of the crew but she’s going to find them too human to become Borg.

Episode 21 – Yesterday’s Enterprise

Yesterday's Enterprise

Andy and Jessica talk:

  • Tasha Yar’s decision to die: meaningful or no?
  • Believing in Guinan
  • Confusion from the ships and new timeline
  • Real and actual relationships on the Enterprise
  • We dig Other Picard
  • Where is Worf?
  • Guinan and her brain
  • More Tasha Yar spoilers
  • All of the mind-bending time travel

Jessica’s Rating

4 of 5 Warrior Prune Juice Drinks

Andy’s Suggestions

Recommended for Time Travel Aficionados!
Cause and Effect: A temporal causality loop and half a dozen exploding Enterprises are fun enough, but a Cameo by Kelsey Grammar tops off a fun and exciting episode.
Tapestry: Q Provides Picard with a chance to go back and re-live a pivotal moment in his life, but he may not like the man he becomes.
And Time’s Arrow 1&2: Data’s head is found in a cave under San Fransisco, hidden for centuries and the crew travels back to try to avert his death. Plus, Guinean meets Picard for the first time.

Next Up: Sins of the Father

Jessica’s Prediction

Much like meeting Spock’s father, we’re going to see Worf confront his father in a traditional conflict and prove his loyalty to Starfleet.

Episode 19 – Q-Who


Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The Borg! Best bad guys ever?
  • The development of Q
  • Yes, for the love of God, Q is an ass and we’re changing our rating.
  • Relationship between Picard and Q
  • Q and Guinan
  • Finding the great ladies in Star Trek

Jessica’s Rating

3 of 5 Borg Cube Ships
3 out of 5 borg ships

Andy’s Suggestions

For the sake of seeing a male behave a little needy and klutzy just like Sonya Gomez, give a watch to Lower Decks, season 7, episode 15. Also, if you want to see a great female character that is not on our list, watch Wesley Crusher save the day with guest star Ashley Judd in The Game, season 5, episode 6.

peak performance preview

Next Up: Peak Performance

Jessica’s Prediction

Starfleet has developed a pill called Vitamin Craziness that will bring out the super soldiers in the cast, but will also cause a Naked Time effect.

Episode 17 – Elementary, Dear Data

Elementary, Dear Data

Your hosts Jessica Ray and Andy M. Goldberg discuss many things, including:

  • Being new to Star Trek and what BTT is all about
  • Costumes from Durinda Wood! So good!
  • Friendships and non-friendships aboard the Enterprise
  • Andy’s bald shiny head
  • Data, AI and the ship
  • Moriarty as a sentient being and a character
  • Gates McFadden
  • Picard giving the “bad guy” exactly what he wants? Let’s do more of that.

Jessica’s Rating

4 of 5 Deerstalker Caps
4 of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

If you want to find out more about Moriarty, 4 years later we’ll bust him out again in Ship in a Bottle, Season 6, Episode 12.

Measure of a Man Preview

Next Up: The Measure of a Man

Jessica’s Prediction

Data deals with a birthday party that goes wrong and that leads to expectations of emotions: courage from Riker, love from Natasha Yar, etc.


Episode 16 – Symbiosys


In our 2nd episode of the Next Generation, Andy and Jessica talk:

  • The Prime Directive
  • More Prime Directive
  • Even more Prime Directive
  • Solar flares
  • 8 minutes of not rescuing the ship
  • The Prime Directive
  • Learning all about Picard and other characters. Some of whom are awesome and some Jessica thinks suck.
  • Medicine vs. drugs. Is there a lesson here? Or are we just spouting drug dealers are bad?

Jessica’s Rating

2 of 5 Eletcric Hands
2 of 5 electric hands

Andy’s Suggestions

Based on what Jessica originally thought was going to happen in this episode (Data will get duplicated), if that storyline interests you, check out Datalore. Season 1, episode 13.

Elementary, Dear Data

Next Up: Elementary, Dear Data

Jessica’s Prediction

Data is going to the holodeck and becoming Sherlock Holmes, so of course the holodeck is going to become Moriarty. Or possibly Sherlock’s brother–whose name we just can’t remember. (It’s Mycroft, guys.)

Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode – Wrath of Khan

An extra bonus episode for one of the greatest Star Trek movies of all time (definitely for those of us who have only seen the one so far!), Wrath of Khan. We’ll begin The Next Generation saga in the new year. In the meantime, Andy and Jessica will talk Khan, getting old and how we clearly need to watch more Star Trek movies than the two bonus ones on this list.

Episode 14 – The Animated Series

The Animated Series

Let's talk Spoilers

Not much except the actual episodes. These two are short and sweet and easy to follow.

Let's Talk Episode

In this cartoon filled episode of Star Trek, Andy and Jessica go over both Yesteryear:

  • The time travel doesn't really make sense, but oh well
  • End of life discussions for both kids and adults
  • Spock's advice to his younger self, and what Andy and Jessica would tell themselves as kids
  • Spock's replacement (Thalen) - does he give up too easily?

and The Lorelei Signal:

  • The Enterprise is stupid and the men in this episode are stupid... in Jessica's opinion
  • Redskirts--Uhura's awesome but still has to wait for permission from the men in charge
  • Sexism and woman empowerment in Andy's life

Jessica's Rating


4 of 5 heroic sehlats

The Lorelei Signal

2 of 5 life-draining headbands

2 of 5 headband rating

Let's talk Trek

  • What people find offensive changes: LGBTQIA and how Star Trek misses the mark with Lorelei Signal
  • Today's disconnected society needs Star Trek

Andy’s Suggestions

All of the Animated Series! It's just easy. Sit down and binge to your heart's content.

Wrath of Khan preview

Next Up:

Bonus Episodes! We're going to be watching the Wrath of Khan. After that, another bonus movie, The Undiscovered Country.
Alright, this is just Andy's way of sneaking more Star Trek into the 52 without having to count it. If you'd like to skip, of course, you can to The Next Generation. But we highly recommend watching these movies!

Episode 13 – Space Seed

Space Seed

We have a new format!

Let’s Talk Spoilers

  • The show is so big, Jessica needed 11 sentences for her synopsis
  • Ok, not much spoilers for this episode but there will be tons when we get to The Next Generation

Let’s Talk Episode

  • Khan!!!!
  • Does Jessica love or hate the episode. She still can’t decide.
  • Maybe the worst choreographed TOS fight so far.
  • How evil Khan actually is.
  • Film and Television Icon, Ricardo Montaban.
  • Kirk did WHAT with Khan!!!???
  • Seriously, what do you do with Khan? How do you deal with him? What would you have done?
  • Were the writers as clever as it seems? Jury is still out.
  • Why didn’t Kirk use McGivers as a spy?

Jessica's Rating for Space Seed

3 of 5 waxed latin Khan chests

Let’s Talk Trek

  • Star Trek has 13 Movies (so far)
  • How the un-produced TV series, Star Trek: Phase 2 became Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Wrath of Khan explores our heroes getting older
  • The new movies, Andy’s shares his opinions and he’s not pulling punches
  • Jessica argues for Star Trek “the way it WAS”! and Andy does the dance of joy!

Animated Series

Let’s Talk Next Week

We'll be closing out The Original Series with the Animated Series, so for next week, we will be watching two episodes:
Yesteryear (season 1, episode 2) and The Lorelei Signal (season 1, episode 4)

Andy Recommends

Popcorn and a movie marathon for December.
- Star Trek: The Motion Picture
- STII: The Wrath of Khan*
- STIII: The Search for Spock
- ST:IV: The Voyage Home
- This space intentionally left blank
- ST:VI: The Undiscovered Country*

*STII and STVI will be Bonus Episodes coming soon. Both are a great supplement to our Trek.

City on the Edge of Forever

Episode 12 – City on the Edge of Forever

City on the Edge of Forever

Andy and Jessica talk:
  • McCoy’s gross “sick” makeup - Over the top OR way over the top?
  • Starting out with a full cast in the landing party and ending up with a Kirk/Spock episode.
  • George Takei’s documentary, To Be Takei, chronicling World War II Internment Camps.
  • Andy’s belief that an optimistic, Star Trek future is possible.
  • Kirk is a Man of Action, forced to take no action
  • The Guardian of Forever must have been the inspiration for Stargate.
  • Author and Science Fiction award-winning writer, Harlan Ellison.
  • Who wouldn’t fall in love with Edith Keeler?
  • The incomparable Joan Collins.
  • The World War II generation actually watched this episode live.
  • Jessica shares her observations about the history of WWII.
  • Edith kisses Kirk, not the other way around.
  • Couldn’t they just bring Edith back with them?  Nope.
  • Andy reveals his ACTUAL FAVORITE EPISODE!
  • It’s all about one moment, “Jim, Edith Keeler must die.”

Jessica's Rating

4 of 5 Guardian of Forevers
4 out of 5 rating

Andy’s Suggestions

Star Trek's got a lot of time travel, so if you enjoy looking at our history back in time, the suggestions are Tomorrow is Yesterday and Assignment Earth.

Space Seed Preview

Next Up: Space Seed

Jessica's Prediction

Since eugenics was mentioned, I think the Enterprise will have to deal with an alien device or virus that creates a super powerful or super fast human.