The Podcast for Beginners to Star Trek

Begin Star Trek

There are over 726 episodes of Star Trek, and more being made as you read this. It can be overwhelming for a newcomer to begin Star Trek. So if you're looking to join in the Trekkie fun, where do you start? At the beginning of course. But wait, the original pilot of the original series? Or the original pilot that was unaired but is now available?

And that's just the tip of a very large iceberg of bewildering issues that come with starting to watch Star Trek.

We need a guide

Lucky for you and me (the Star Trek virgin of this podcast) we have one! Andy is a fan of many years and has created a curated 52-episode introduction.

If you're looking for an easy way to dip your toe into the waters of Star Trek, look no further. We'll be covering all the basics, all the best, and all the fun while cutting out the don't-really-need episodes. Want more? Look to Andy's recommendations for your weekly sci-fi fix.

Already a Trekkie?

Every group has one. The one everyone turns to when someone mentions anything vaguely Star Trek related. This podcast is for you too. Because I bet it's been a while since you were surprised at Balok. There's nothing quite like introducing that favorite episode to someone who has never seen it.

You get to revisit all your favorite episodes with new eyes. Watch along and listen. We bet you'll love remembering your first time Star Trek everything.